BASIC Stamp Educators Course

BASIC Stamp Educator's Courses

These courses guide educators through our two most popular textbooks and accompanying hardware kits.  They are a great preparation for teachers of introductory robotics, technology and pre-engineering programs. The kits and texts were created with high school students in mind; discussion will include adapting the activities for different grade levels. These two courses can be offered together as a two-day session, or independently.


BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board is perfect for learning circuits and microcontroller programming1. So, just what is a microcontroller, anyway? 

Find the answer with the BASIC Stamp Activity Kit.  Build and control circuits found in many common digital devices, to equip students for designing their own inventions.  Along the way you will learn to program the BASIC Stamp microcontroller, and build simple circuits on a solder-free prototyping board.  Course activities are drawn from "What's a Microcontroller?" and the BASIC Stamp Activity Kit.   For more information, see the What's a Microcontroller Educators Course description.


2. Meet the Boe-Bot robot.

After the hardware assembly, build and program sensor navigation systems so your robot can explore on its own.  Course activities are drawn from "Robotics with the Boe-Bot" and the Boe-Bot Robot Kit.  Discussion will include ideas for in-class competitions and challenges. For more information, see  the Boe-Bot Robot Educators Course description.




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