At Parallax we are constantly amazed by the projects people create with our hardware. We also know just how well an outside project can help inspire interest in a personal project. That's the basis for our inspiration page: a place to be inspired and share completed projects to inspire others.

Share your project here! Parallax offers product credit to qualified, complete project applications on a case-by-case basis. Email for details.

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas Game

    I am an EET student at HVCC and I took a Microcontroller class this semester. We have gone through all of the examples and projects in the “What's a Microcontoller?” book so I am listing that as my reference for this project.

  • Harrison and the Thumper.

    Thumper is a Propeller based Internet Radio Player with MP3 Recording and Playback capabilities. The hardware contains a single Parallax Propeller Chip and some external support chips to implement a complete internet radio player.

  • The people of Team Synaptic.

    For health service officers who wish to improve procedural surgical skills, our product is a physical training platform that provides quantifiable feedback.

  • The Grizwold FX Rudoph 16 Control Board

    I would like to submit my propeller powered Christmas lights project that has been ongoing for the past few years. The lights are controlled by a 16 channel Propeller powered controller that I call the "Rudolph 16". These controllers receive DMX-512 from a Propeller powered PC interface I call the "DMX Director".

  • Close up of front of Propeller Clock PBC.

    Here is my entry to the "Hack the Halls!" contest. I started making this out for my brother and when I saw the contest I figured I'll post and see how I do. Check out the video:

  • Sphinx creator Michael Park

    Sphinx is a Spin compiler that runs on the Propeller chip. It can compile complex and substantial programs (including those containing Propeller assembly language) such as the Parallax TV and graphics objects and even Sphinx itself.

  • LED light chasing around outside of fedora.

    A jaunty fedora ringed with high output LEDs that blink red in alternating patterns using an Arduino hidden within the hat. Designed to celebrate any holiday or party. I have worn it to a few and it is definitely an eye-grabber.

  • Bouncing Light Tree

    My project is a randomized bouncing light Christmas tree used to decorate for the Christmas season. This LED Christmas tree utilizes a 12 by 16 LED matrix mounted on a metal frame.

  • Ryan and the DAQPac board.

    DAQPac is an automotive data logger designed from the ground up for motorsports enthusiasts. It has all the features necessary for a driver to improve both their skill and vehicle performance. DAQPac was the result of two prior prototypes, each one evaluating the hardware for function at a reasonable cost.

  • A view of a user wearing the BARFS prototype headset.

    BARFS was conceived as an entry into the microMedic 2013 National Contest to develop a medical training device.

  • The WatchDuck Pool alarm system.

    The WatchDuck is an accelerometer-based low cost wireless pool alarm. While the summer is coming, everybody knows how unsafe personal pools are for children: accidents happen so quickly.

  • Countdown to 2011 clock in use.

    The purpose of this project was to design and build a floating LED-based clock and message display using a single row of rotating LEDs. The design consists of a row of 32 RGB LEDs controlled by a microcontroller that is rotated at a speed of around 100 rotations per second.