Inspiration Author: 
Jon Gullixson
  • Hydrotron project close-up.
  • Jon with Hydrotron project.
  • Hydrotron with display.

The inspiration for the project came from research which indicated that a person might acclimate their heart rate as a response to their environment. So might a device. The device also intends to help relax the person to which it is connecting. Digital “water flow” would provide a focus that started by syncing to a person’s heart rate and provide small bias difference to encourage relaxation. I set out to develop a proof of concept using the VGA port to emulate a 2D LED array.

The “Hydrotron” uses the Propeller to measure heartbeats, process the input, and render the output to a VGA monitor as two independently operating subsystems. The controller may be connected to a computer for power and optional diagnostic serial communication link. The current implementation uses components directly from the inspiration ckit, complemented by a display capable of displaying VGA (1027x768 resolution) and compatible power supply of one's choice. The system combines and modifies work of others through examples for a unique focus for relaxation. The system was tested to run for 15 minutes. It would prospectively be used as a focus for relaxation practice and stress management techniques.

Prolonged stress can have a deleterious effect on a person and impede their ability to recover. The micromedic competition has offered the opportunity to move the concept of relaxation focus to a proof of concept implementation.

A creative and interesting submission.