OpBot - The Robotic Game

Inspiration Author: 
Florida Robotics
  • OpBot at a Robotics Conference
  • Close up of OpBot Controls

Our founder, Russ Martin, has been called a cross between Jimmy Buffet and Albert Einstein. Along with his wife Fay, he founded Florida Robotics over 20 years ago. As a life-long fan of all types of gadgets electrical, mechanical, and electronic, Russ decided to start a robotics business focusing on using technology to create fun. Most of their products have been mobile entertainment robots designed to interact with observers young and old alike.

After seeing a medical robot on TV, building the OpBot was a natural progression for Russ. Once he committed to this project it was completed in just over a month. In a world where virtually every kid has a sophisticated HD “virtual” game in his pocket, Russ believes that there are many people who never get the chance to see (and operate), an actual mechanical robot with gears whining and motors buzzing. He was right. Just weeks after becoming available to the public OpBot has amazed and entertained kids from 8 to 80.

Building OpBot was really rather simple as Florida Robotics routinely employs the use of off-the-shelf products and components readily available from their friends at Parallax. Russ’ philosophy relies heavily upon imagination, not adhering to popular technical and social protocol.

About OpBot:

This first-ever robotic version of the popular board game from the 60’s is nearly 8 feet tall and is sure to attract young and old alike. Rather than use tweezers, the operator uses a robotic arm controlled by a wireless joystick mounted on a podium to perform the required surgery. In this age when virtually everyone has the ability to play sophisticated simulation games on their smart phone, the rare chance to use a real robot is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

The object of the game is to maneuver the arm in position over the required target and perform the procedure as soon as possible. There are no video displays associated with this game and the clock and score counter are analog dials that will be mounted on the board. Sponsor logos can be applied across the top of the game and on the control console.