P.I.L. Box (Propeller Based Internet Logging)

Inspiration Author: 
Tim Massaro
  • The completed P.I.L. Box (Propeller Based Internet Logging) project.
  • Tim with his creation the P.I.L. Box (Propeller Based Internet Logging) project.
  • The Propeller BOE wired up.
  • P.I.L. in development.
  • P.I.L. circuit breadboard.
  • Rough schematic sketch.

For my microMedic 2013 Contest project I created the "Propeller Based Internet Logging Pill Dispenser" or simply "the P.I.L. Box".  This project demonstrates how today's low cost microcontrollers, sensors, and nearly-pervasive internet connection can be used to address a common health care issue, that of prescription medication non-compliance. Some common forms of drug treatment noncompliance are: forgetting to take medications and/or altering prescribed medication schedules. Some patients may take more than the prescribed dose of a medication in the mistaken belief that more will speed recovery, some may quit before a prescription runs out believing they are cured.  Studies show the consequences of patients not taking medications according to doctor's orders can be serious, especially in older patients.

The P.I.L Box project is a prototype which can help with many of these medication non-compliance issues.

Good utility and creative!