Robotics for the BOE Shield for Arduino Educator Resources

The BOE Shield for Arduino Robot allows the tried-and-true Boe-Bot robotics platform to be powered by an Arduino.  Although the internet is full of ideas and projects for the Arduino, there are few good resources for getting started and learning the core skills necessary to be proficient with the Arduino as a microcontroller.  By adapting our Boe-Bot materials to the Arduino microcontroller, we have created a student-friendly, yet thorough introduction for students and teachers who want to use the Arduino and are new to programming, electronics, and robotics.

The complete Robotics with the BOE Shield for Arduino (a.k.a. Shield-Bot) learning system includes the educator resources, hardware, software, and a textbook.  Links to each component of the complete Shield-Bot system can be found on this page.

Educator Resources

Here you will find links to educator resources for Robotics with the BOE Shield for Arduino.  If you are logged into as a registered educator, links for each of these pages containing downloadable resources will appear at the bottom of this page.  To request an educator login for, email us at using your school address.  The links below include:

  • Course Guides
  • Assessment Resources
  • Source Code
  • Extra Resources


The Shield-Bot kits, spare parts, and accessories can be purchased through our store site or by calling 888-512-1024 and asking for sales.

Arduino family of products on our store site


To program the Arduino microcontroller on the Shield-Bot, you will need to download and install software onto your computer.  Software is available for Windows, Mac, and Chrome (most platforms).

Arduino Software Downloads


The textbook that comes in the kit for the Shield-Bot is titled Robotics with the BOE Shield for Arduino.  In addition to a printed copy included in each kit, it can be downloaded as a PDF here:

Robotics with the BOE Shield for Arduino Full Text 


The Arduino microcontroller is programmed in a C++ like language. A reference for the Arduino programming language can be found here:

Arduino Language Reference 

Going Further

Once you've completed the Robotics with the Shield-Bot text, project and competition ideas are available here:

Projects on Learn

Robot Competition Ideas


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