Noelle McDaniel

Noelle McDaniel

School: DaVinci Academy of Arts and Sciences

Location: Corning, CA, USA

Grade Level(s): 6

Courses Taught: Makerspace, After-school Tech Club


What are the main learning objectives in your course(s)?

My main objectives are for students to learn 21st century skills. Robotics helps students do this in a fun and engaging platform. It is also an effective way to introduce programming to students.Students at all levels of ability can excel and it provides them with useful future employment skills.It boosts self confidence and helps critical thinking skills.


Which Parallax items do you use in your course?

We use Scribbler 3 robots, Shield robots, and the educator tutorial for each robot.


Describe the experience for you and your students.

My students are still in the beginning stages of their robotics instruction. They have really enjoyed putting the robots together and making them do basic moves. Some of them really enjoy the Scribbler and drawing different paths for it to travel on, while some of them find the challenge of programming the Shield robot more exciting.The look on their face when they program a robot, unplug it and it does what they want it to is priceless.


What is your favorite Parallax product and why?

I really enjoy the Shield robot. I learned a lot in the Course I took this summer (thanks Andy!).


Any tips for other teachers?

If they can, take a teacher course offered by Parallax. It really helped. Get a couple of robots and let your students tinker with them. They can do it! Some will really love it and some won't. That's ok. In giving them the opportunity and exposure you are really giving them a gift.


Any other comments?

I love the Parallax products and the people. I feel completely supported. I know that if I have questions or problems arise, I will get the answers that I need. Thank you for your support! I feel that they really value teachers and students learning.


Noelle also received high praise from the Founder/CEO of Future Development Group, LLC:

“I am really glad to hear that you are featuring Noelle and I'd love to share some words about her!!!!!  She is a rock star and a hero - to kids, teacher colleagues, and the education system as a whole (and me). I first met her years ago when I was the educational technology coach for the county; she was a participant in one of the workshops I held for teachers. When I followed up in her classroom, she blew me away with her ability to take the learning from the workshop and turn it into magic for her kids.

Noelle's thirst for learning and absolute dedication to serving kids with engaging real-world experiences is second to none. She will be the first to tell you that great learning doesn't come from a book and the first to share her experiences so that others can find inspiration and ideas that actually work. She embodies the perfect blend of moxie, rebel, and loving teacher, which makes for a winning combination in everything she does. I have the utmost respect and admiration for her, both as a teacher and a friend.

How's that? I didn't even embellish one bit! I could go on and on about her - she's the real deal and I'm so very glad that you are honoring her!!!”

Michelle Carlson, Founder and CEO
Future Development Group, LLC