Propeller 1

  • TheraPlay 2.0: Creating an Engaging Robotic Platform for Dyssemic and Autistic (ASD) Children

    Dyssemic (socially-challenged) is a term that refers to kids that have trouble communicating their ideas with other people and expressing themselves in general. Autism is a subset of dyssemia and is considered a spectrum disorder, meaning that each child has different characteristics in the way autism affects them.

  • Figure from The Propeller Experiment Controller Paper

    I am doctoral student studying behavior analysis and comparative psychology at Oklahoma State University in the laboratory of Dr. Charles I. Abramson. To be brief, I study basic principles of learning common to many species, including humans. I use the Parallax Propeller Microcontroller in my research.

  • Spin Sailboat Creator

    Spin is a modified 2.4mR class single-person keel boat. They're commonly used by Paralympic sailors.

  • RoboThespian

    RoboThespian is fully programmable with a web based interface and the API is available to developers.

  • Triage Training System creator David Dorhout and friend Michah holding the "Acting Coach" and "Director's Tablet.".

    The Triage Training System (TTS) provides a simple, mobile way to dynamically manage large groups of “victims” in a mass injury simulation by providing individual instructions on how each “victim” should act based on their unique injury. The TTS also simulates life signs such as a pulse.

  • Dr. Singh with his Wireless Vineyard Monitor.

    The Vineyard Monitor is shown below. It consists of a weatherproof box that houses the electronics mounted on a PVC support pipe. The pipe is intended to be driven into the ground. The soil temperature is measured by a sensor located at the bottom of the pipe.

  • Harrison and the Thumper.

    Thumper is a Propeller based Internet Radio Player with MP3 Recording and Playback capabilities. The hardware contains a single Parallax Propeller Chip and some external support chips to implement a complete internet radio player.

  • The Grizwold FX Rudoph 16 Control Board

    I would like to submit my propeller powered Christmas lights project that has been ongoing for the past few years. The lights are controlled by a 16 channel Propeller powered controller that I call the "Rudolph 16". These controllers receive DMX-512 from a Propeller powered PC interface I call the "DMX Director".

  • Eric Moyer with the OpenStomp

    The Coyote-1 is a user programmable/configurable open source audio effects processor designed primarily for guitar players. The Coyote-1 is currently capable of producing Echo, Distortion, Tremolo, Chorus, and Pitch Dive effects, and can be extended to produce hundreds of other audio effects through the creation of custom “effect modules.”

  • Cardiac Simulator Closed

    By day, I am a cardiovascular surgery nurse and by night I am an electronics learner and tinkerer.  I decided to combine both of my loves into one project – a cardiac simulator.  It is my hope that it will become a good resource for both healthcare givers as well as patients.  Healthcare givers can use the cardiac simulator as an

  • The OughtToPilot project.

    A Propeller-based attitude estimation device embeddable into low cost remote control (RC) airplanes for hobby-grade UAV application is presented. The system senses and controls the aircraft’s attitude (pitch and roll) to maintain level flight and guides the aircraft toward a pre-loaded GPS waypoint.

  • Close up of front of Propeller Clock PBC.

    Here is my entry to the "Hack the Halls!" contest. I started making this out for my brother and when I saw the contest I figured I'll post and see how I do. Check out the video:

  • Ryan and the DAQPac board.

    DAQPac is an automotive data logger designed from the ground up for motorsports enthusiasts. It has all the features necessary for a driver to improve both their skill and vehicle performance. DAQPac was the result of two prior prototypes, each one evaluating the hardware for function at a reasonable cost.

  • PropIRC close up.

    Internet Relay Chat, also known as IRC, is a very popular protocol for multi user chat and collaboration.  It is commonly used in gaming communities and open source project collaboration.

  • Sphinx creator Michael Park

    Sphinx is a Spin compiler that runs on the Propeller chip. It can compile complex and substantial programs (including those containing Propeller assembly language) such as the Parallax TV and graphics objects and even Sphinx itself.

  • Hydrotron project close-up.

    The inspiration for the project came from research which indicated that a person might acclimate their heart rate as a response to their environment. So might a device. The device also intends to help relax the person to which it is connecting.