Tilt Tones with BlocklyProp

This project will show you how to build a 4-note musical instrument where you use tilt, rather than buttons or keys, to control the notes you play. A different LED will light up when each note plays.

Parts List

  • (1) Propeller Activity Board (original or WX)
  • (4) Any combination of LED colors
  • (1) Piezo Speaker
  • (1) 4-Directional Tilt Sensor (#28036)
  • (4) 220 Ohm resistors
  • (10) jumper wires

Propeller I/O Pin Assignments

  • P1 - piezospeaker
  • P4, P 6, P8, P10 - LEDs
  • P14-P15 - 4-Directional Tilt Sensor

Build It

  • Disconnect/turn off the power to your board (always prudent when building or modifying circuits).
  • Use the schematics and photo below to build the Tilt Tones circuits on your Propeller Activity Board.

Power your Project

The sensor, LEDs, and piezospeaker use very little current. It is fine to power this project via the boards' USB cable only.  If you want to use it away from the computer, either a 4-AA or 5 AA battery pack will provide power for a a long jam session.

  • Connect your board to your computer for programming.
  • Connect a power supply if you want the option of playing away from your computer.