Basic Analog and Digital

Basic Analog and Digital is a tutorial for the BASIC Stamp microcontroller and Board of Education. It introduces the concept of Analog to Digital (A/D) or Digital to Analog (D/A) conversions, and how they enable you to both measure and control values we deal with in everyday life: voltage, light level, frequency, etc. 

You will learn commands in PBASIC for A/D conversion with resistor/capacitor circuits, interfacing an ADC0831 8-bit A/D converter, scaling analog outputs into meaningful digital values, analyzing time-varying signals, and using PWM as analog output. Available in print or as a free download.

Note: The physical text and parts kits are no longer available for sale. Many parts may still be available as individual components through the Parallax store


Topics covered include:

  • Building a comparator
  • Building a simple digital DC voltmeter
  • Building a resistive ladder network for D/A conversion
  • Recording and displaying frequency and light data
  • D/A conversion with pulse width modulation