Understanding Signals with the PropScope

This STEM-oriented guide for helps develop skills in electronic measurement techniques. For use with the Parallax PropScope USB Oscilloscope, it's an in-depth look at the oscilloscope's features and functions, starting from basic concepts and moving through more advanced techniques. 

Whether learning in a classroom or independently, the hands-on exercises illustrate the cause-and-effect relationship between physical actions and observed changes electrical signals. Available as a free download.

Note: The physical text and parts kits are no longer available for sale. Many parts may still be available as individual components through the Parallax store.


Topics covered include:

  • DC voltages and currents
  • "Human-speed" measurements
  • Pulses for control and synthesizing signals
  • Microcontroller/integrated circuit communication
  • Microcontroller/PC communication
  • Sine waves in signals, and how filters and amplifiers affect them
  • RC circuit responses, sensor measurements, and simple filters
  • BASIC amplifier building blocks