Physics Fun Badge Project

Level: Intermediate
Hours to Complete: 3
Skills Required: Soldering, C Programming

This project turns the Parallax Hackable Electronic Badge into a Physics Measurement Tool using the on-board accelerometer, a PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, and a FlexiForce Pressure Sensor.  The Physics Fun Badge measures distance, tilt, and force. The Light version of the example code displays live readings from all the sensors on the screen. The Full version of the software records sensor data in EEPROM. Recorded readings can be visualized as a graph on the main screen, and also exported as comma-separated values using the SimpleIDE terminal. 

Side and front views of the Physics Fun Badge Project. 

What's Needed:

A small amount of soldering along with the ability to work with a material like wood or plastic is required to make this badge.