SD Card Data Storage

An SD card opens up lots of project options because it can store and retrieve large amounts of data. Especially with a FAT (file allocation table) driver, the same MicroSD card that you can use with a PC to create and modify files will work with the Propeller BOE. It’s completely interchangeable.

The PropBOE MicroSD object you'll use in this lesson makes it easy to create, open, read, modify and delete files on your MicroSD card. So, your applications can now work from data saved by a PC, or store data for later analysis by a PC. Or, the SD card can be used like a gigantic repository of values for your Propeller BOE application. Even better, you can store lots of different programs for the PropBOE on your SD card, and write code to decide which one to boot.


The PropBeller BOE has a built-in MicroSD card socket.


  • Simply insert a MicroSD card into the PropBOE socket.

Inserting a MicroSD card into the Propeller Board of Education


These connections are built into the Propeller BOE.

Schematic of the Propeller BOE MicrSD card slot

The resistors shown in the schematic are here:

MicroSD card slot on the Propeller Board of Education

MicroSD Card Data Storage/Retrieval Examples has example programs that demonstrate how to work with text files, store values in a spreadsheet format, in the Propeller chip’s native format. It also has an example that demonstrates how one program can boot another program that is stored on the MicroSD card.

  • Download SD Card Example Code.
  • Unzip it to a folder.
  • Remember that you have to open programs from within the folder, not within the zip.
  • Follow these links for a guided tour through each example program and how it works.