Juke-Bots Propeller Robots

Level: Intermediate

Skills Required: Programming

Hours to Complete: 2-3 hours (depending on number of Juke-Bots built)

The Propeller community developers designed a really easy-to-use object that allows you to play back WAV files from an SD card. Borrowing from the efforts of Jon McPhalen, Tomas Rokicki and Jonathon Dummer I was able to quickly couple their objects along with Andy Lindsay’s Learn.parallax.com Boe-Bot code to make a fleet of music-playing Propeller robots called Juke-Bots. The robots are controlled from a PC over a pair of XBee modules, giving you easy control to start and stop the robots and their music. EFX-TEK’s very successful commercial product AP-16 uses the same WAV file playback code base, showing how the same objects may be quickly adapted for special effects for Halloween, Christmas or museum displays.

What you Need

One Propeller BOE Transmitter may control many Juke-Bots, so you may duplicate the receiver portion for as many robots as you wish to control.

Propeller BOE Transmitter:  

  • (1) Propeller Board of Education (#32900)
  • (2) XBee 802.15.4 2 1 mW Chip Antenna (#32406)

Propeller Boe-Bot Receiver:   

  • (1) Propeller Board of Education (#32900)
  • (1) SD Micro Card (#32319)
  • (1) XBee 802.15.4 2 1 mW Chip Antenna (#32406)
  • (1) Robotics with the Boe-Bot Parts Kit (#28124)
  • (1) Ping))) Mounting Bracket Kit (#570-28015)
  • (1) Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor (#28015)
  • (1) Veho 360 Speaker Stand for Propeller Board of Education (#725-32900)
  • (1) Veho 360 Speaker (#900-00018)