Software and Programming

It's time to program your ActivityBot!

SimpleIDE Software

The software you will use is called SimpleIDE. It is available for Windows and Mac (and even Linux or the Raspberry Pi if you are willing to compile it).  It's an open-source C programming environment for the multi-core Propeller microcontroller. It includes special Simple Libraries written just for the Propeller C Tutorials.  Sometimes, updates to the libraries and example code are distributed separately as a Learn Folder release. It is important to always use the most recent version of the software and the Learn folder.

  • Go to the Set Up SimpleIDE tutorial and follow the instructions to get the current USB drivers, software, and Learn folder, then come back here when you are done.


Programming Practice

Now it's time to try a little Propeller C programming. This will help you get familiar with the SimpleIDE software and the Propeller C language and Simple Libraries.

  • Go to the Start Simple tutorial and try the programming examples, then come back here when you are done.

ActivityBot Library and Example Code

Welcome back!

When you updated your Learn folder, you got the latest version of the ActivityBot example code and ActivityBot library.  When you want to try an example program, look for the file in:


The Learn folder also includes special C libraries just for the ActivityBot.  When you are going through the Tutorials, you do not need to open these files.

....Documents\SimpleIDE\Learn\Simple Libraries\ActivityBot:

You are free to include these these libraries your own custom ActivityBot projects. They are distributed under the MIT License.

  • Now follow the links below to continue with the ActivityBot tutorials!