Halloween Pumpkin Project

Need a fun and interactive Halloween decoration idea?  Check out this spooky pumpkin project that lights up and plays the sound of your choice when someone passes in front of it!  Controlled using the versatile Propeller Project Board and written in Spin, this project is ready to use as-is, or feel free to customize it to suit your holiday needs.

Polite ActivityBot

Love your ActivityBot, but find that its personality is missing a little something? We can help! This Propeller C project shows you how to add audio responses to PING))) sensor input, so your 'Bot can speak politely to any obstacles it finds while roaming around.

SD Card Games

Your ActivityBot kit came with a microSD card, which you can use with your robot in a variety of ways. This tutorial will show you how to control your robot's navigation by loading and executing drive commands from your SD card.