Experiments for the Propeller Quickstart

Experiments for the Propeller Quickstart

by Jon Titus

Experiments for the Propeller Quickstart is a college-level introductory text that involves 23 activities for the Propeller Quickstart board (#40000).  These experiments include helpful schematics, diagrams, and images to make learning new concepts simpler and more intuitive. 

A download containing the Spin-language example programs featured in the book is available separately (see second link, below). A list of external references accompanies every experiment to allow the user to go more in-depth into each topic, if desired.

Chapter Topics:

  • How To Measure and Use LED Characteristics
  • Flash LEDs with the 555 Timer
  • Counters and Numeric Displays
  • Microcontrollers and LEDs – Individual LED Control
  • LED Bar-Graph Driver ICs Supplement MCUs
  • Control the Brightness of LEDs with an MCU
  • Control 7-Segment Multi-Digit Displays with an MCU
  • How to Use Serial Communications to Control LED Displays
  • Better Serial Communications for LED-Display Control
  • How an MCU Controls an LED Matrix
  • Drive 7-Segment Display Modules with the MAX7219
  • Have an MCU Take Real-World Temperature Measurements
  • Create A Thermometer with a Digital Display
  • Explore the DS1620 Sensor-Alarm Operations
  • How To Use Digital-to-Analog Converters
  • Analog-to-Digital Conversion and How It Works, Part 1
  • Analog-to-Digital Conversion, Part 2
  • How to Use Infrared LEDs for Remote Control
  • How to Create and Use 2-Way Infrared Communication
  • How to Use an Infrared Distance Sensor
  • How to Use PNP and NPN Transistors to Control LEDs
  • An Introduction to MOSFETs and LED Control
  • Use MOSFETs to Control LEDs and Motors