Robotics with the Propeller Boe-Bot Text

This PDF-only text download introduces you to beginning robotics using our classic small robot body paired with a Propeller Board of Education (BOE) control board.  An introductory tutorial for the Propeller Board of Education itself can be found here; we recommend starting with it before moving to this robotics text if you are unfamiliar with the Propeller BOE or microcontrollers in general.

Programming is done in Propeller Spin language, using the free Propeller Tool software (a download link to the software is below).

Covered topics include:

  • Your Propeller Boe-Bot's Servo Motors
  • Assemble and Test Your Propeller  Boe-Bot robot
  • Propeller  Boe-Bot Navigation
  • Tactile Navigation with Whiskers
  • Navigating with Infrared Headlights