Constant Navigation with GPS

Level: Beginner

Skills Required: Wiring, Basic Programming

Hours to Complete: 0.5

With the increasing number of GPS units being used in mass transit and consumer vehicles, the manufacturing companies have changed the output of the GPS modules to what is referred to as “Static Navigation”. With this output, the vehicle has to be moving at a pre-determined speed for the GPS to update its Lat/Lon data.  What this does is it prevents your GPS from uttering the infamous “re-routing” every five seconds while sitting at a stop light.  While this mode is good for vehicles, it is not so good for a DIY ground-based robot that moves at a mere 3 mph.

Fortunately for us, the GPS Modules also have a mode called “Constant Navigation”. This mode has the GPS-output updated Lat/Lon data every second, which is the refresh rate of the modules themselves.  This means that you can power on the module at your desk, and watch the data change ever so slightly, without ever taking a step.  Now, even the smallest robot moving at 0.5 mph can have on-board GPS navigation!       


What's Needed

In order to complete this project, the following parts are required:

  • (1) PMB-648 (#28500) or PMB-688 (#28501) GPS
  • (1) Propeller Board of Education (#32900)
  • (1) 2N3906 PNP Transistor (#500-00003)
  • misc jumper wires