BlocklyProp Robotics with the ActivityBot

Dive into robotics, graphical programming, electronics with the ActivityBot robot and BlocklyProp graphical programming! This tutorial will show you how.


What It Is About

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Assemble your robot and wire up its motors and encoders
  • Make BlocklyProp graphical programs to control your robot
  • Build DIY sensor circuits on your robot so it can navigate on its own

Along the way, you will learn some robotics, engineering, electronics, and programming concepts that you can apply to your own inventions.

Hardware Needed

Before You Start

Before you build and program your ActivityBot, go through these short tutorials to become familiar with Blockly and with circuit-building

After You Finish

Once you have completed the whole ActivityBot tutorial, you will be able to make your robot navigate on its own with different kinds of sensors. You will be ready to create new challenges for your robot, and to add different sensors and accessories to help with those challenges.