Test Propeller to DHB-10 Communication

This next program asks the DHB-10 for its hardware and firmware versions, and displays the results in the SimpleIDE Terminal.  Here is what you’ll see if your Activity Board’s Propeller microcontroller communicates successfully with the DHB-10 (left) alongside one of the messages you might see if communication fails (right).

  • Turn on the rocker switch labeled Motors.
  • Make sure your programming cable is connected, the Arlo’s Main power rocker switch is on, and the Activity Board’s power switch is set to 1.
  • Verify that the DHB-10’s indicator lights blink on/off orange once every second.
    • If not, go back to the Arlo Assembly Tutorial and start checking wiring connections.
  • Open and run Test Activity Board and DHB-10 Communication.c.
    • If the SimpleIDE Terminal displays an error message, recheck the cables connecting the Activity Board servo ports to the DHB-10’s Ch1 and Ch2 ports.
    • If the SimpleIDE Terminal displays the hardware and firmware versions, make a note of the firmware version, and then proceed to the Test Motor Connections section.
  Arlo - Test Activity Board and DHB-10 Communication.c

  Run this program to verify that your Activity Board and DHB-10 are communicating.

  Should display:
         HWVER = 1
         VER = 10

  If it instead displays:
      "ERROR, no reply from DHB..."
  It means there is a wiring problem.

#include "simpletools.h"                      // Include simple tools
#include "arlodrive.h"                        // Include arlo drive

char *s;

int main()                                    // Main function
  freqout(4, 2000, 3000);                     // Beep -> program starting
  print("Program running...\n");              // Program running msg
  s = dhb10_com("HWVER\r");                   // Request hardware version
  print("Hardware\n  HWVER = %s", s);         // Display reply
  s = dhb10_com("VER\r");                     // Request firmware version
  print("Firmware\n  VER = %s", s);           // Display reply