Asthma Eliminator

Inspiration Author: 
Eagle Mountain Homeschool Co-op
  • Eagle Mountain Homeschool Co-op Team
  • Asthma eliminator in STOP mode.
  • Asthma eliminator in GO mode.
  • Using the Asthma Eliminator.
  • Eagle Mountain Homeschool Co-op Team with the final project.

Our project helps people with asthma to avoid having asthma attacks. It does this by monitoring breath pressure and alerting the user if the pressure exceeds a preset point, customized to that user’s lung capacity. Sometimes people with asthma don’t realize that an asthma attack is coming. This device will make them aware so that they can reduce their level of exercise so that they can continue exercising, but at a safe level.

Description of Operation:

A pressure sensor measures the pressure on the bottom of a nebulizer mouthpiece. An analog to digital converter transforms the pressure signal to a digital signal that goes to the microcontroller. The microcontroller turns on bar graph LED’s to show how much relative pressure is being input. It also checks if the pressure is above a preset level. If it isn’t, it will turn on the 4‐segment LED display to show the word “GO”. If it is above this level, it will show “STOP.”

Great team effort!