Inspiration Author: 
Rattanaphan Boonbutra
  • Computer view of the mDocInTheBox.
  • Shows LCD2004 connected to the Parallax Board of Education Shield for Arduino.
  • Shows the result of all sensors on the LCD2004.
  • Blood pressure is measured by two sensors: the MEAS vibra sensor and the pressure sensor as shown.
  • The board with all the connections made per the schematic.
  • Rattanaphan with the mDocInABox application.

This project is very helpful for learning about the Arduino UNO board and Android app development. The Parallax BOE (Board of Education) is used with an Arduino UNO board.

There are 3 components to this project. The first is hardware consisting of an Arduino UNO and a variety of sensors providing both analog and digital signals. Four of these sensors are analog such as the pressure sensor, the MEAS vibra sensor, and the LM34 sensor. Three sensors provide a digital signal such as the heart rate receiver, the DHT22, and the ColorPAL sensor. The second component is the connection between the Arduino UNO board and Android (version 2.3.6). Communication between the Arduino UNO board and Android OS is achieved using the Bluetooth “BlueSMiRF” Gold transceiver from Sparkfun.  Amarino 2.0 and the Amarino plugin bundle were also used to transmit and receive the event and data via the Bluetooth. The last component is the Android app.  The Android Development Kit was installed on top of Eclipse in order to develop the Android app.