Modular Robotic Snake

Inspiration Author: 
Christopher Atwood
  • Close up of robotic snake.
  • SnakeRobot holding onto a tree, and perched in a tree
  • Christopher Atwood with the robotic snake project.
  • Several assembled configurations of the snake robot.

The goal of this project was to build a biologically inspired robot with several applications for military use. The modular aspect enables many aspects of the robot to be customized for the operation, including the number of segments, the sensor package at the front of the robot, and the control package at the rear. Custom mechanical structure and electronics enable the snake to be robust enough for operation in many types of environments while being quick to repair. After construction, many types of motion would be developed to help the robot move, including motions similar to caterpillars and snakes.

The robot can be deployed as a mobile robot to go investigate a situation, possibly before a medic team moves in to help with casualties. It can travel through pipes or small spaces and check for hazardous items or chemical scents. The robot can be deployed in a stationary location to provide a lookout where leaving a soldier would be too dangerous.

Very interesting and well executed.