Pulmonary Capacity Analyzer

Inspiration Author: 
Mark Machin
  • Pulmonary Capacity Analyzer system.
  • Close up of the wind sensor.
  • Mouth piece for Pulmonary Capacity Analyzer.
  • Backlit LCD output screen.
  • Close up of the circuit on the Propeller Board of Education.
  • Creator Mark Machin with his PCA project.

The Pulmonary Capacity Analyzer is intended to measure a user's lung capacity. By measuring the velocity of air moving through a breathing device, the microcontroller can calculate the volume of air that was moved during the time of inhalation. Pulmonary-related diseases or injuries commonly result in breathing problems and reduced lung capacity. By comparing the output from this device to a known baseline, medical personnel have additional knowledge to aid in diagnosis and/or treatment of the underlying condition.

This project was developed with the Propeller Board of Education received from Parallax upon submission of the project proposal. Also used was the mouth-piece component of the nebulizer found in the microMedic kit. By sheer coincidence, the wind sensor fit perfectly into the mouth piece.