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A number of other companies and organizations have designed educator resources or curriculum products around Parallax hardware. 

Exploring Robotics

Interactive Media Publishing's Exploring Robotics product line offers turnkey curriculum packages for the BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot Robot and S2 robot.  Their licensed software and curriculum includes robot simulations, 3D models to aid in construction, videos, and assesment tools.  Visit www.exploringrobotics.com for details.







RobotC for Arduino

RobotC for Arduino supports the BOE Shield-Bot with online tutorials.  The BOE Shield-Bot is a great platform for introducing robotics, programming and electronics in a curriculum track that is already using RobotC at other levels.  See the BOE Shield-Bot tutorials at RobotC.net








Teacher John Kaufmann has used the BASIC Stamp and Boe-Bot robot extensively to teach in the United States and abroad, working with both children and adults.  He has developed a number of classroom resources and videos for teaching with the Boe-Bot robot, which are available from his website www.BoeBotTeacher.com.  To learn more, read more about John Kaufmann's Featured Teacher bio.







The Institute of Personal Robotics in Education (IPRE) Myro program combines the S2 (Scribbler) robot with the Fluke bluetooth module.  This allows the S2 to be controlled wirelessly using the Calico IDE and Python programming language.  For details, see the information page for the Learning Computing with Robots texbook, available in print or as a PDF download.








SmartCubo offers robotics curriculum packages for all grade levels, in Spanish and English, and also holds International Robotics Science Competitions. See www.SmartCubo.com for details.

Their BoxBasic package is centered around the Parallax S2 (Scribbler 2) robot.  SmartCubo has generously shared their guidelines for "Race of Scribblers" and "Kicker Flags" competitions, as well as competition ideas for the BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot and SumoBot, as well as the ELEV-8 Quadcopter.  See the Robot Competition Ideas for details.