Chapter 3. Assemble and Test your BOE Shield-Bot

This chapter contains instructions for building and testing your BOE Shield-Bot.  It’s especially important to complete the testing portion before moving on to the next chapter.  By doing so, you can help avoid a number of common mistakes that could otherwise lead to mystifying BOE Shield-Bot behavior.  Here is a summary of what you will do:

  1. Build the BOE Shield-Bot.
  2. Re-test the servos to make sure they are properly connected.
  3. Connect and test a speaker that can let you know when the BOE Shield-Bot’s batteries are running low.   
  4. Use the Serial Monitor to control and test servo speed.

Assembled BOE Shield-Bot, a Board of Education Shield with Arduino module plugged in, mounted on a Boe-Bot chassis kit

Gold chassis? Blue tires? Different wheels? 
Once upon a time, Parallax made Boe-Bot chassis anodized in different colors. A gold chassis was chosen for the photographs in the original Robotics with the Boe-Bot text, because it printed best in black and white.  Also, the wheel design and tire colors have since changed.  To provide you these instructions as fast as we could, we have re-used some assembly photos from the original Boe-Bot text.

Code Update Notice 
The Chapter 3 Arduino Code was updated on 11/15/2012.  See the notice on this page for details.