Propeller Activity Board

Introducing the Propeller Activity Board

Do more with eight cores.  Harnessing the power of the 8-core Propeller microcontroller is now easier than ever before!  With built-in sockets and pre-written C libraries, Parallax provides the resources for you to bring your project from idea to reality.


The Propeller Activity Board gives you direct access to the most popular Propeller peripherals:

  • XBee socket — control or receive data from your invention wirelessly
  • microSD card holder — log sensor data or add WAV files
  • Mini audio/stereo jack — listen to those WAV files or synthesized speech
  • 3-pin headers — quickly connect to servos, serial LCDs, etc.
  • Breadboard — build and rebuild circuits without soldering (or desoldering!)
  • A/D and D/A converters — read or set the voltage your project needs
  • USB or power supply — the choice is yours

Explore the Propeller C Tutorials and see just how easy it is to digitize your creativity.

Propeller Activity Board

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