Propeller C Tutorials

Propeller C - Functions

A function is a little piece of reusable code designed to do a specific task. This Propeller C Tutorial series will show you how to use functions, pass information to them, and get information back from them. It will show you how C functions work with the Propeller's memory and multiple cores.

Propeller C

Do More with 8 Cores

8 processors in one chip bring your electronics project from idea to reality fast. And, our Propeller C Tutorials, Activity Board, and Simple Libraries make it easy.


Assemble your robot and then get ready to have some fun trying out these Propeller C Tutorials created specifically for the zippy ActivityBot.  Learn how to make your robot navigate using a variety of sensors, using touch, ultrasound, visible light, and more!

Raspberry Pi

Learn how to program your Propeller microcontroller using your Raspberry Pi device. These step-by-step instructions will help you show you how to install and operate SimpleIDE on a Raspberry Pi operating system.