About Board Types

About Board Types in BlocklyProp

Every time you create a BlocklyProp project, you are prompted to choose a board type. The board type setting changes:

  • the set of blocks available for program-building
  • the menus, ranges, and configuration options for available blocks

The resulting blocks are custom-fit to work well with a specific board's built-in peripheral circuits. They also help to avoid accidentally mis-using the I/O pins connected to these built-in peripherals.

Can I change my project's board type? — Once you have created a project, you cannot change the board type chosen.

Can I upload a blocks file from one board type into a project for another board type? — If you try to upload a BlocklyProp Project .svg file to a project of a different board type, you will see an error message. You can override the message and proceed, but the operation is still likely to fail unless all of the blocks in the project are 100% identical in functionality between the two board types. It is usually best to view the .svg file as a reference for re-building the project with the correct board type.

Propeller Activity Board WX

  • Propeller I/O pin range restricted to P0-P17 on many blocks, and even as low as P13, to protect built-in circuits and ActivityBot applications.
  • Analog/Pulses > Voltage > A/D and D/A are exclusive to this board type.
  • Sensor > 2-axis Joystick is exclusive to this board type (as it uses this this board's A/D).
  • Audio > WAV blocks are exclusive to using files on this board's microSD card.
  • Robot blocks for the ActivityBot Robot Kit are exclusive to this board type.

Propeller Activity Board WX Guide   Propeller Activity Board Guide

Scribbler S3 Robot

See the Scribbler 3 Robot Block Reference.

  • Most blocks are specific to the Scribbler S3 robot
  • Excludes access to most Propeller I/O pins except for those few in the Hacker Port
  • Sensor blocks limited to built-in sensors, the Ping))) sensor, and decoding Sony remote signals
  • Motor blocks support the Scribbler's built-in motors and a Standard Servo.

Scribbler S3 Info Poster

Propelller FLiP or Project Board USB

  • Excludes blocks for board-specific built-in peripheral circuits (such as 2-axis Joystick)
  • Excludes Robot blocks
  • No Propeller I/O pin restrictions on P0-P27
  • Includes Analog/Pulses > Voltage blocks for common ADC DIP chips

Propeller FLiP Guide  Propeller Project Board USB Guide

Hackable Electronic Badge

  • Excludes blocks for direct Propeller I/O pin access
  • Sensor blocks are a special set only for this board's built-in sensors
  • Communicate blocks include only the BlocklyProp Terminal and the OLED display specific to this board

Hackable Electronic Badge Guide


"Other" is the catch-all category for boards with a Propeller P8X32A microcontroller module that are not otherwise on the list.  There are three major differences in this category:

  • Excludes blocks that are designed for board-specific peripheral circuits 
  • No I/O pin restrictions placed on any blocks
  • Includes the System category of blocks

The System category of blocks generally require some familiarity with text-based programming and the Propeller P8X32A chip architecture for successful use. 

Propeller P8X32A Datasheet