Maze Run

Contest Name: Maze Run

Submitted By: Gary Reynolds, Physics Instructor at Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, CA


  • Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot, ActivityBot or Similar Robot
  • Masking tape


  • The robot must run through the route shown without touching any tape and it must stop on the target.


About the Robots:

  • Because this game tests participant’s ability to carefully program a sequence of movements, the robots in this game must be:
    • Similarly matched in capability - wheel encoders should either be required for all robots or not allowed for any.
    • Programmed in a similar fashion - a possible requirement would be to call movements from EEPROM or to require that each different movement is written as a GOSUB or Function.

About the course/field:

  • The course is laid out on the floor with masking tape in the pattern shown below.
  • The target should be dot in the center of an 8-inch diameter circle, and if ring-shaped markings are used for the target, the rings should be 4 inches wide.

About the Game:

  • Upon turning on the robot, it should try to drive straight, then turn right, then left, then left, then right, driving until it reaches the target where it stops.
  • It should be decided ahead of the time if the competition will be:
    • A single run for each robot,
    • Multiple runs with an average or total score,
    • Or multiple runs with the best score


  • Robot starts with 20 pts
  • 1 point is subtracted each time tape is run over
  • 1 point is subtracted for every 4 inches from the target to the stopping point of the robot
  • Robot is disqualified if the prescribed route isn't attempted (for instance, it simply runs straight for the target)


  • When the robot touches the board at the end, it could be programmed to turn around and come straight back or back through the course.
  • The method used to program the robots can be varied - for instance, requiring GOSUB, functions, memory calls, etc.