Scribbler Kicker Flags

The objective of this game is to activate 10 flags located in the competition field, by touching the front of them.  There are 3 different kinds of flags, each one of them with a different score and difficulty level due to other obstacles in the field. The location of each flag will be unknown until the competition day, which means that the teams will have to program their robots at the event.

Kicker Flags is part of a Scribbler Robot Contest held by SmartCubo Torneo Nacional de Robotica. Visit for details.


Kicker Flags Game Rules

  1. Only unmodified Parallax Scribbler Robots (Serial #28136 or with USB Adapter #28336) using AA batteries are eligible to participate.
  2. Each team will have only two and a half minutes (2:30) to activate as many flags as possible. The time will be a factor for the total score.
  3. The robot has to begin completely within the Start Zone located in the center on one side of the field.  In this area the team can manipulate the robot as many times they want during the game, but the robot cannot be touched outside of this area by any reason. In this case, the only way that the robot can be manipulated is if one of the robot parts is over the line of the start zone.
  4. If the robot is touched outside the start zone, the team will have a total of zero points in that attempt.
  5. Every flag that is activated must be raised a minimum height. Each flag rises automatically due to a rubber band mechanism. When the kicker is touched by the robot, the flag will raise automatically.In case of mechanical failure, the judge will decide if the flag was sufficiently raised to count.
  6. The scoring system includes the time and the flags activated.
  7. The winner of the challenge will be the one with the highest score after all the runs of the day.
  8. There is no competition schedule, all teams can have unlimited attempts during the total time of the competition. When ready to participate, the team will notify the judge, at which time the judge will give let them know when they can place the robot back in the competition field.
  9. The scoring system will be explained:


About the Kicker Flags and Field

  1. The game is played in a table of 93 inches (2.36 m) by 45 ¼ inches (1.15 m).
  2. The size of the Start Zone is 23 ½ inches (60 cm) by 7 ¾ inches (20 cm).
  3. Inside of the field are 4 obstacles that make access to some of the kickers more difficult. These objects can be detected and avoided by the robot using sensors. The heigh of the walls is of 3 ½ inch (90 mm).
  4. In the field there will be black lines that will help your robot to get into the kickers.
  5. To help the robot approach the flag for activation, there is a black line situated at 2 ½ inch (6.5 mm) from the kicker. The length of the line is 4 inch (100 mm) and width of 3/4 inch (20 mm).

Download Kicker Field Dimensions