Professional Development Courses

Parallax courses are a hands-on, immersive experience with microcontrollers, robotics, sensors and programming. We produce complete curriculum, teacher’s guides, and all the resources needed for a teacher to use our hardware in their courses. These hands-on courses give you the opportunity to test-drive our microcontroller hardware kits and printed or web-based tutorials suitable for classroom curriculum.  Discussion includes tips and strategies for implementation in a variety of educational settings. Whatever your course emphasis, we can help you equip your students for technology literacy that will serve them well in any future field of study.

Attendees may also be eligible to receive 1-2 semester hours of continuing education credits from our partner, Fresno State University (additional fee is required). For specific details, please see the registration page for the course you are interested in attending or email us at

Visit the link below to check out the current course descriptions and a list of our upcoming Professional Development Courses (offsite).