Robotics for the Boe-Bot Educator Resources

The Boe-Bot Robot - USB with IR Obstacle Detection Circuitry built onto the breadboard.
The Boe-Bot Robot is programmed using PBASIC - arguably the easiest text-based language for beginners to learn. Ideal for students who are new to programming, electronics, and robotics, the Boe-Bot is a time-tested platform, making it one of the best places for students to begin learning. The complete Robotics with the Boe-Bot learning system includes the educator resources, hardware, software, and textbooks.  

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University of California/California State University A-G Program Articulation 
You must have a login for the UC/CSU website to access the Parallax-approved A-G course articulation. The general Parallax-approved landing page is here (scroll to the bottom). Once you're logged in, use the following course codes to access the Parallax approvals: 

  • B5CDBZ | Robotics with the Boe-Bot
  • XSCQW4 | What's a Microcontroller
  • YZN8DG | Robotics with the ActivityBot
  • JEZMR8 | Robotics for the BOE Shield for Arduino
  • DQBFCA | Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) with the Parallax ELEV-8 v3
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