C Programming with the Multicore Propeller

The power of multicore processing combined with the simplicity of beginner Propeller C Tutorials make it easy to get started, and also keeps the door open for graduating into increasingly challenging projects and real-world applications.


Why choose C with the Multicore Propeller?

Tutorials and community support make C an easy language to learn, from beginner to advanced.

  • C language has libraries to simplify just about any programming task, for computers as well as microcontroller projects and applications
  • C is the basis for derivative languages like C++, C#, Java, and PHP, and others; so, learning C makes it easier to branch out
  • C programming is widely used for many computer science and engineering programs
  • Many tech jobs require applicants to be C-language literate
  • Our Propeller C Tutorials include custom beginner-friendly libraries and features for the multicore Propeller hardware


What programming concepts are covered?

  • Basic input/output instructions for I/O interaction
  • Serial communication including formatters for printing data to a serial terminal
  • Variables, constants, math operators, and decision making
  • Repetitive operations and counting with loops
  • Array storage and indexing
  • Functions to make code reusable
  • Controlling and sharing data among multiple cores with the Propeller Microcontroller
  • How to write C libraries


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