Graphics Programming with the S2 Robot

The S2 Robot and S2 GUI (graphical user interface) make it easy to learn programming concepts with simple click-and-place tiles.  Making the S2 blink lights, move, play sounds, and interact with its sensors gives students a tangible cause-and-effect programming experience.


Why choose graphics?

Bright and engaging, the S2 is an ideal choice for 6th grade on up through university students and adult education:

  • Approachable for first-time programmers.
  • Flowchart-like images make the code logic easy to follow.
  • No barriers created by prerequisite typing, reading, or spelling skills.
  • Simple point-and-click tile placement prevents syntax errors.


What programming concepts are covered?

With the S2 GUI, students can discover and practice concepts common to most programming languages.

  • Sequential instruction execution
  • Infinite and counted loops
  • Exiting loops
  • Timed execution pauses
  • If-then-else decision-making based on conditions
  • Subroutines
  • Simple yes/no variable flags to set, check, and clear


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