Microcontroller Education Board Options

Development Board Features

All of the Parallax Education microcontroller development boards were carefully designed with the needs of teachers and students in mind:

  • Breadboard-based circuit building with no soldering required.
  • Students gain experience with common electronic parts an engineer might use for prototyping.
  • Standard 0.1" pin spacing — No brand-specific special connectors required.
  • Step-by-step illustrated tutorials support first-time circuit-builders and programmers.
  • Designed for open-ended experiences — after mastering the basics, students can design their own inventions.
  • All kit components are available individually to replenish classroom hardware.

Programming software is free for educational, personal, and commercial use — no limited-feature student versions or site licenses required.


BASIC Stamp Board of Education and HomeWork Board

Our BASIC Stamp development boards are the foundation of our Stamps in Class educational series.  Widely used in educational programs, they are ideal for beginners yet have also been used to prototype inventions and industrial control systems.  Skills learned with our BASIC Stamp educational kits will provide a solid foundation for further engineering studies.

  • Programmable in PBASIC, a very easy first-time text language
  • Choose full-featured Board of Education or economical HomeWork Board
  • Boards can be used with different BASIC Stamp tutorials
  • Board of Education included in our Boe-Bot Robot Kit

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Additional teacher resources are available for several of our BASIC Stamp tutorials. Email education@parallax.com for details.


Propeller Activity Board

The Activity Board is great for teaching basic circuits, yet is also pre-wired with peripheral sockets to keep pace with your student's creative ideas.  Its multi-core Propeller "brain" and supporting C libraries simplify advanced tasks, like playing WAV files and maintaining a wireless communication link.   

  • Designed for the Propeller C Tutorials, with custom simple libraries for first-time programmers
  • Built-in sockets for optional microSD card, speaker or earbuds, and XBee RF module
  • Onboard A/D and D/A converter for exploring signals and monitoring analog sensors
  • Activity Board is included in our ActivityBot Robotics kit for exciting application options

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Propeller Board of Education

The Propeller Board of Education is the "pro" version of the Activity Board above.  The Propeller Board of Education is packed with additional hardware features to support complex projects, custom-made test equipment, or product protoyping. It's an excellent choice for university programs.

  • Board-specific Spin-language tutorials for those who want to stay close to the Propeller chip's architecture
  • Built-in sockets for optional microSD card, speaker or earbuds, and XBee RF module
  • Onboard A/D and D/A converter for exploring signals and monitoring analog sensors
  • Built-in electret microphone, VGA port, and 8 indicator LEDs for advanced audio-visual applications
  • 3 A switching regulator to support multiple peripherals
  • Board mounting holes are compatible with our small robot chassis for more application options

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Propeller Education Kit

Designed for university programs, this breadboard-based kit gives students hands-on experience with embedded systems prototyping.  Its Spin-language programming tutorial stays close to the hardware, allowing students to learn the chip's architecture to maximize performance.

  • Platform-specific Propeller Spin tutorials (also programmable in C)
  • Completely breadboard-based for a unlimited expansion options
  • Hands-on experience for embedded systems courses

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BOE Shield for Arduino

The Parallax Education board form factor with both a solderless protoyping area and pass-through headers to support additional shields.  Made to fit our small robot chassis, it is included in the Robotics Shield Kit and Robot Shield with Arduino Kit to build a Shield-Bot, for classrooms that are using Arduino.

  • A shield for the Arduino Duemilanove, Uno, or Mega
  • Programmable with Arduino sketches
  • Included with the Robotics Shield Kit

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