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Programming and Computer Science

The most common of programmable devices, microcontrollers add a tangible and practical dimension to computer studies.  Parallax microcontrollers and software tools make learning to program engaging and relevant.

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Technology and Electronics

Today more than ever, we explore our world and solve many problems with electronic devices. Parallax microcontroller development kits and tutorials teach students how to use the circuits, components and sensors inside such devices, so they can make their own inventions.   

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Robotics, Mechantronics, and Engineering

Robots are fun, relatable, and just might be your students' future co-workers in many career fields.  With our entry-level robotics kits and tutorials, students apply the basics of mechanics, electronics, programming, and physics to make an autonomous robot explore and react to its environment. 

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Custom Kits

Parallax offers Custom Kits tailored to particular college courses, from manufacturing technology to evironmental studies.  Custom kits often include a microcontroller development board and a variety of additional sensors, motors, displays.  Once a custom kit is created, it can be purchased by the educator in bulk, distributed through the campus bookstore, or purchased by students directly from the Parallax Store online.  To discuss a custom kit for your college course, contact the Parallax Sales Team.