PBASIC Programming with the BASIC Stamp

The BASIC Stamp 2 is a staple in microcontroller education. Many teachers find it an ideal microcontroller for a first-time text programming experience.


Why choose PBASIC?

  • PBASIC is a variant of familiar BASIC, with special commands for monitoring and controlling circuits
  • Program execution is a single process from top to bottom, making it easy to follow and understand
  • The syntax is very clean and simple — no curly braces or semicolons required
  • The language is not case-sensitive, a great advantage for new programmers
  • The BASIC Stamp Editor applies sytnax highlighting — capitalization and color — to help identify elements and key words


What programming concepts are covered?

  • 30 mathematical operators
  • Handling values in decimal, hexadecimal, and binary formats
  • Constants and Bit, Byte, and Word variables
  • Branching with IF...THEN...ELSE, SELECT...CASE(ON)...GOSUB, and (ON)...GOTO
  • Infinite looping with DO...LOOP, and conditions like WHILE and UNTIL
  • Counted loops with FOR...NEXT
  • Data display and data input with a built-in serial terminal
  • Memory access, including READ, WRITE, DATA, and more
  • Commands for generating and monitoring voltage signals on I/O pins, such as HIGH, LOW, PULSOUT, PULSIN, PWM, RCTIME and many more
  • Conditional compilation with #DEFINE, #IF...#THEN...#ELSE, #SELECT...#CASE, and #ERROR


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