Propeller C Tutorial Archive

Looking for Propeller C tutorials that are compatible with the previous versions of SimpleIDE and the Learn folder?  Download the older versions of our Propller C tutorials as html archives here. 

Archived on 2017.01.18


Learn Folder Update 2014.11.07

  • Used for up to and including SimpleIDE 1.02
  • Not compatible with BlocklyProp Programming Tool


Archived on 2014.02.13


Learn Folder Update 2013.11.01

Last used as an update to SimpleIDE 0-9-45.


Archived on 2013.08.08


Start Simple 2013.08.07

Simple Circuits 2013.08.07

Simple Devices 2013.08.07

Functions 2013.08.07


The above tutorials are compatible with the following version of the Learn folder and SimpleIDE: