About BlocklyProp Updates

BlocklyProp Updates Released January 19th, 2017

For the best experience, Windows and Mac users should update their BlocklyProp Client software to version 0.7.x or higher, but anything in the 0.6.x range will work.

  • Map, a new number operator block scaling and offsetting a value from one range to another — great for tying sensor or human input to actuator output
  • Math operation block updated to support additional terms - just click the gear icon.
  • Parentheses block, to change the order of operations in math operations
  • Music note, a new value block to specify a frequency by note and octave
  • Terminal print multiple, OLED print multiple, and LCD Print multiple: each device has a new block for printing a list of terms of different types such as a text label followed by a decimal value, on a single line
  • Scale and display integers as floating point decimal values with the Terminal, OLED, and LCD print multiple block
  • New Serial transmit and Serial receive blocks that can handle both text and number values (deprecating the current blocks, see below.)
  • Additional Serial Init options for customizing the baud rate and mode
  • Multiple device support for RGB LED init, ColorPal init, and Serial init connections
  • Advanced options in the Feedback 360° servo configure (formerly setup) block
  • Feedback 360° servo status, a new block to support applications that require coordinated movement among several servos at once
  • The option to specify the PIN in certain SERVO and ANALOG/PULSES blocks with another block instead of a drop-down menu
  • Improved instructions for launching your BlocklyProp Client/Launch if not found
  • All projects created as private by default, even when using the "save as" feature with your own shared project or with other user's community project.

About Deprecated Blocks

Occasionally, we "retire" a block, usually when its functionality can be integrated into the settings of a related block. This helps keep the number of BlocklyProp blocks down, making it easier to learn and understand. 

Blocks deprecated January 18th, 2018.

  • Serial transmit number and Serial transmit text — to be replaced with an improved Serial Transmit block that handles both text and numbers
  • Serial receive text and Serial receive number — to be replaced with a block that handles both text and numbers

When a block is deprecated, it will turn orange to alert you that it is time to update that spot in your code with a current block.

Released October 2017

What we are working on next

  • Saving a project as a different board type, or as a C project
  • Edit and run Propeller C code directly in BlocklyProp
  • Blocks to support the WX WiFi modules

We strive to coordinate our updates to keep all of our tutorials up to date with the very latest changes in BlocklyProp once they are released. However, due to the volume of the tutorials and educator resources, there may be some unavoidable lag time.

Change History

For all the gory details, see our BlocklyProp-related GitHub repositories:

BlocklyProp website,   BlocklyProp server,   BlocklyProp client,   Propeller Cloud Compiler