RC time

BlocklyProp reference for RC TIME block

For Propeller Activity Board WX, FLiP and Other board types. Not available for Badge or Scribbler Robot board types.

RC time

The RC time (formerly RC charge/discharge) block sets the specified Propeller I/O pin to an input and reports how long it takes for an RC (resistor/capacitor) circuit to either charge or discharge across the pin's logic threshold. The value provided by the block is in microsecond units.  This block must be used in conjunction with other blocks to charge (or discharge) the circuit before taking the measurement.

  • Choose the Propeller I/O pin connected to the target circuit in the RC dropdown. I/O pin options will vary by board type.
  • Choose which process time to measure (charge or discharge) from the RC dropdown. Or, click Other and insert a block that resolves to an I/O pin value.

The PIN menu this block can be set to "other."  When "other" is chosen, the dropdown menu disappears, and it is replaced with an input.  You can then use any block that provides a numeric value such as a number value, get variable, or constant value block:

The RC time block is useful for circuits with a variable resistor or other means to affect current flow, including potentiometers, phototransistors, thermistors, and some pressure sensors. See Read a Potentiometer with RC Time for an example of this block in action.