BlocklyProp reference for FUNCTIONS blocks

Compatible with all Propeller board types (except Scribbler Robot)

Functions and Memory: Creating and reusing functions in your main program can save on program memory.  However, calling functions with the new processor block sets aside 128 bytes of "stack space" each time - that is a portion of the Propeller microcontroller's memory - used to execute the function. If your function running in a new processor is exceptionally large with many variables and computations, it might exceed this stack space and give unexpected results.

define function

The define function block is used to build a function that can be reused.

  1. Enclose a group of blocks that you want to re-use with the function block.
  2. Next, give the function a unique name in the my function drop-down menu. See About Naming Things for the rules.

Once you have created a function, a run function will be created for it and will appear in the Functions menu.

run function

The run function block runs the code inside of a define function block by the same name. This is may be referred to as "calling a function" or "making a function call."  You must first create and name a function with a define function block to generate a run function block.

You can use a run function block in two ways.

  1. Put a run function block in your main program.
  2. Attach a run function block to a new processor block—only one per processor! This will make the function run in its own processor, and at the same time, your main program can continue executing. EXCEPTION: Terminal blocks can only run from the main program.