BlocklyProp reference for HMC5883L blocks

These blocks may be used with the HMC5883L compass module (#29133, discontinued) blocks and the Propeller Activity Board WX, Propeller FLiP module, and Other board types. Not available for Badge or Scribbler Robot board types.

Compass initialize

The Compass initialize block sets up the communication between the Propeller chip and the compass module.

Set each drop-down to match the Propeller I/O pins connected to the HMC5883L compass module's SCL and SDA pins. (The drop-down options go to 27, but do not set higher than 17 with the Propeller Activity Board WX, as P18-P31 are already connected to other built-in circuits on this board.)

Compass heading

The Compass heading block stores the current unadjusted heading measured by the HMC5883L, in degrees as an integer, ranging from 0 to 359.