Game 3 - Bullseye

Bullseye minigame.

No construction is needed, just wiring. The bullseye game requires quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Press the button to stop the moving light in the middle of the LED strip.

Wire it:

  • You will be using the Bullseye SVG file for this part of the project. It was included in the code download at the beginning of this megaproject.

I/O Pin Connections:

  • P0: Pushbutton
  • P1-P8: 7-Segment LED (Refer to the 7-Segment tutorial on how to wire this circuit.)
  • P12: LED Strip (follow connection instructions for your specific LED strip)

7-segment LED wiring for the Bullseye game.

Pushbutton schematic.

Note: It is best to run projects from a battery pack or wall supply, Do not try to run them off of the USB cable.

  • Pressing the button when the moving light is in the middle - indicated by the blue lights - causes all of the strip to turn green to signify victory.
  • The 7-Segment LED lights up with the number 9, the final number of the passcode. Move on to the Keypad!