XBee 802.15.4 to PC Demo

LEVEL: Intermediate

SKILLS REQUIRED: Spin Programming


The XBee 802.15.4 to PC Demo provides an example of communication between any Series 1 XBee Module and the PC, using the XStick 802.15.4 (Parallax #28186). This demo is a modified version of the RN-42 Bluetooth to PC Demo using the same components except the radio transceiver.

The demo provides a two-way communication channel for a remote device which has two functions: one is to send system telemetry from on-board sensors, the other is to receive and act upon known commands from a remote serial terminal or command interface; in this case a PC.

While this demo application is small, it represents a scalable real-world application where you might be receiving weather or sensor telemetry from a farm or industrial control system and need to be able to then send commands to such a system, perhaps to open or close a valve in response to data received.


What's Required:

  • (1) Propeller Board of Education (#32900)
  • (1) Any Series 1 XBee Module (#32405 used in this demo)
  • (1) XStick 802.15.4 (#28186)
  • (1) ADC0831 8-bit A/D Converter (#ADC0831)
  • (1) DS1620 Digital Thermometer (#604-00002)
  • (1) PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor + Mounting Bracket (#910-28015A)
  • (1) Photoresistor (#350-00009)
  • (1) 10K ohm, ¼ W Resistor (#150-01030)
  • (1) 4.7K ohm, ¼ W Resistor (#150-04720)
  • (1) Li-ion Power Pack Charger (#28986)
  • (2) High-Capacity Li-ion Cell (#28987)
  • (1) Veho 360 Speaker (#900-00018)
  • (1) Veho Speaker Stand for Propeller BOE (#725-32900)
  • (1) 1 GB microSD Card (#32318)
  • Connecting wires
  • USB Adapter for connecting microSD card to PC and load WAV files
  • Mounting plate or chassis for PING))) Mounting Bracket and PCB