Propeller C

Welcome to the Propeller C Learning System! 

Our system of tutorials, example code, development boards, and software make it easy to learn C language programming. And, with 8 processors in one chip, the Propeller microcontroller brings your project from idea to reality fast

Propeller C Tutorials

  • New to multicore microcontrollers?
  • Want to program in C?
  • New to programming altogether? 

Our Propeller C Tutorial series the place to start.

Easy Circuit-Building

The Propeller Activity Board — original or WX — are the primary platform for the Propeller C Tutorials.  The solder-free prototyping board and sockets for peripherals make it quick to build fun projects.  The Propeller Activity Board is available on its own, and is also included with the ActivityBot Robot.

SimpleIDE Software

SimpleIDE is the free, open-source programming software for our Propeller C tutorials, available for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi

Simple Libraries

These pre-written code libraries make it quick to add variety of devices to your project — just click the Add Simple Library button.

Explore the Simple Library Index, availabe from the SimpleIDE Help menu or the Propeller C Reference page.  Each library has documentation you can browse. 

Discussion Forums

Get involved with our Propeller C community through our discussion forums!

Visit the Learn forum if you have questions about the Propeller C tutorials, Propeller Activity Board, ActivityBot, or the SimpleIDE software.  It's the place for learners of all ages to discuss Parallax tutorials and programs, including the Propeller C Learning System.