Lights and Sounds

The Scribbler 3 robot features LED indicator lights and a built-in speaker – all accessible in your programs using the BlocklyProp programming environment. Click here to experience Lights and Sounds with your S3!

Navigating With Sensors

The Scribbler 3 robot excels at autonomously navigating, following lines, and avoiding obstacles using its various onboard sensors. The tutorials in this section will teach you how to create and modify S3 navigation programs in the BlocklyProp programming environment.

Hacker Port Expansion

The S3's exposed hacker port is perhaps one of it's most exciting new features. These tutorials will introduce you to just how easy it is to "hack" your Scribbler 3 robot with a variety of added sensors you can program right from the BlocklyProp programming tool.

SD Card Games

Your ActivityBot kit came with a microSD card, which you can use with your robot in a variety of ways. This Propeller C tutorial will show you how to control your robot's navigation by loading and executing drive commands from your SD card.


Have you ever wondered what your Propeller C ActivityBot would be like as a cat? Try this Propeller C-language project and watch your robot take on a new feline personality – attitude and all.

Robots for Beginners Workshop

The Robots for Beginners Workshop by Neil Rosenberg is a great curriculum for teachers teaching robotics with the S2 robot, or for anyone looking to learn a bit more about programming using the easy S2 GUI software.  With projects ranging from easy to challenging, this complete workshop has something for everyone.