Updating Your DHB-10 Firmware

How to Update DHB-10 Firmware

The DHB-10 firmware is expected to evolve with updates from Parallax and the open source community.  Here is how to update your DHB-10’s firmware to the latest.

  • Go to the DHB-10 Firmware Download Page.
  • Check the firmware version against the value you noted in the Test BASIC Stamp to DHB-10 Communication section.
  • If a new version is available, download and unzip it.
  • If you don’t already have software for programming the Propeller, download either the Propeller Tool for Windows, or the multi-platform PropellerIDE.  
  • Connect the Propeller Plug to the DHB-10’s Prop-Plug port.  Make sure you haven’t plugged it in backwards - The TX and RX markings on Propeller Plug and DHB-10 should align.

  • Open the folder you unzipped.
  • Find and open DHB-10 Firmware...spin and open it with your Propeller programming tool.
  • Use the software’s Load EEPROM feature to upgrade the firmware.