At Parallax we are constantly amazed by the projects people create with our hardware. We also know just how well an outside project can help inspire interest in a personal project. That's the basis for our inspiration page: a place to be inspired and share completed projects to inspire others.

Share your project here! Parallax offers product credit to qualified, complete project applications on a case-by-case basis. Email for details.

  • Eric Moyer with the OpenStomp

    The Coyote-1 is a user programmable/configurable open source audio effects processor designed primarily for guitar players. The Coyote-1 is currently capable of producing Echo, Distortion, Tremolo, Chorus, and Pitch Dive effects, and can be extended to produce hundreds of other audio effects through the creation of custom “effect modules.”

  • AIM Aviation Lighting

    AIM Aviation uses the BASIC Stamp® modules to control cabin lighting in the first class sections of the Virgin Atlantic 747s and Airbus A340s.

  • Cranberry Control Board

    Here on the southern Oregon coast, cranberry growing is a significant part of the local economy. Commercially grown cranberries are, however, subject to the vagaries of our somewhat unpredictable coastal weather. Frost in particular can devastate a crop if protective measures are not taken.

  • Spin Sailboat Creator

    Spin is a modified 2.4mR class single-person keel boat. They're commonly used by Paralympic sailors.

  • RoboThespian

    RoboThespian is fully programmable with a web based interface and the API is available to developers.

  • NASA Researcher with Tumbleweed Unit

    The Tumbleweed Rover, a completed project from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, is a large, wind-blown, inflated ball, which carries an instrument payload in its interior.